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Euro Sheet Metal, UK is your ultimate solution when it comes to Computer Aid Design services. We are an industry expert that professionally creates, previews and approves your designs before we embark on any production process. As a seasoned expert, we have managed to serve a larger clientele in developing unique, quality and best CAD/CAM practices to enhance the quality of the end product.

At Euro Sheet Metal, we understand that 3D models vary vastly based on applications. For this reason, we take time to evaluate the exclusive needs of each of our clients. This enables us to use the right software in the entire C.A.D process. We use modern radan cad/cam software for our cad work. Most importantly, we optimize 3D models to create, develop and unfold your files. Remember, our utmost priority is to produce designs that meet and surpass your expectations while adhering to industry standards.

  • For all your CAD designs, we take the best manufacturing approach.
  • We use radan software for the most precise and accurate designs.
  • As a metal engineer expert, we create what is needed by the client in the best way possible we know-how.
  • We follow all the production guidelines from the drafting, review, efficient nesting of components to reduce material costs charged to clients and working on the final product based on the exclusive needs of our clients. This is tailor-made to customize the entire CAD process and deliver a product that matches your needs.
  • We have modern machines for bespoke designs.


We have extensive experience in CAD production and 3D modelling. This means by working with us, you have your designs handled by a seasoned expert.

We have the best and complete team of experts that understands the entire process. If you need help with your designs, we will proudly help you in choosing the most ideal models for your project. This is for sufficient quality whether you are interested in a new prototype project or you are working on an existing one.

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